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Vermont Hemp Program's Frequently Asked Questions

Registering to Process Hemp in Vermont

For more specific information about becoming a grower please refer to this PDF file.

For more specific information about becoming a processor please refer to this PDF file.

Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Safari.

The registration platform supports tablet & mobile devices as well.

The online registration platform may not be completed using Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE).

You should receive your registrationwithin 7 business days of submission and receipt of registration fee by the Agency. If you have questions or concerns about your application, please call 802-828-1732 or email

Below are the steps you should use in order to gain access to the portal. Please know this process may seem lengthy, but it is meant to keep your information safe and ensure that only you have access to your account.

Know that there are expirations on the verification steps so please try to complete in one sitting.

  • First open up a private/incognito window in your browser or make sure to refresh your browser to clear any cached data you may have. You can refresh your browser's cache on Windows by holding the control key (CTRL) + (SHIFT) and tapping the R key, and for Mac by pressing (CMD) + (SHIFT) + (R).

    NOTE: You may need to clear your cache a few times. Users have been impacted by their cache and not getting the newest version of the software. Using a private browser window or refreshing your cache should solve this issue.
  • Reset your password, here is the link in case you still need to If you have already done so, no need to repeat this step.
  • Navigate to: and click on the “Login” button in the top right of the page to initially attempt to log in using the email address and the new password.
  • A message right below your log attempt will appear requesting to send an email verification for your account, please click it to send verification.
  • Once you receive this email click to “verify email address”
  • Then return to the “Login” screen at or clicking the login button in the top right corner on the home page (, and log in.
  • Then you should receive the 6 digit code via email that you must enter to gain access to your account.

    NOTE: You will receive a new 6 digit code each time you log into the portal.

Persons interested in participating in the Hemp Program in a subsequent calendar year may apply/renew any time after Nov. 15th.


The application was submitted, and the fee was either paid online via ACH or Credit Card, or payment is route to VAAAFM Licensing and Registration.

Note: The application may not edited and is awaiting action by the Hemp Program.


The application is in draft form and may be further edited by the applicant.


The registration was issued by the Hemp Program and may be downloaded by the applicant.

Pending payment

The applicant submitted the registration application but has not paid the fee.

Changes requested

The Hemp Program requested changes to the submitted application. These changes must be complete prior to approval.

Users who have forgotten or lost their password can request a reset here

In "Settings" page, under the name and email associated with the account, you are able to change the password to access your account.

NOTE: This assumes you are able to log into your account. If you have forgotten your password or are unable to login, please follow the directions within the "I forgot my password" section above.

Yes, you can!

After the final review and submission step of the application process you will temporarily be directed to a third-party payment service used by the state of Vermont. Once you have concluded paying for your registration online, you will be directed back to your permit.

Note: There is a limitation of $1,000 on paying with a credit card.

The Agency cannot accept payment for registration over the phone.

After you attempt to log in you will receive an email containing a six-digit code. You enter this code to gain access to your account. This exists to protect your identity and keep your information safe.

Once a user begins an application, they have two hours to complete the application or click "save draft" in the upper right hand corner of the application. If the user does not complete one of these actions, the application will automatically be saved to the step previous to the step the user was on.

Questions about the Hemp Program can be directed to or 802-828-1732.

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